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Time for a Little Romance

The thing about building miniatures is that your project doesn’t have to please anyone except you. In the case of the Romance Retreat, I went with a concept that at first blush did not seem like my style. I wasn’t interested in doing the club bookshelf project and I’m not a hearts and flowers kind of person; and I’ve never used pink and black!

But when I saw the pink rose fabric at the store where my daughter works, I knew it had to be a curvy wing chair. I put the finished chair in my pied à terre and it had the proportions of the bookshelf project.

This was to be a quick and easy project, but I forgot, it’s summer, stuff happens. Where we left off, I was making accessories and visioning a wall unit with a fireplace. I cut the side pieces so that the unit could be inserted or removed depending on what I want to feature.

I mounted the unit on “stencil card,” a material I learned about from Stephanie at Mad Mrs. Murray. She described 350 gram kraft card, but I wasn’t able to find anything under that name. It looked a lot like the stencil card I found at the Duck Store (University of Oregon book store). The stencil card was perfect because I wanted the backing to look like it was the wall. I needed something thin, strong, stable and that I could cut and paint. This would work. I also used the stencil card for the panels on the cupboards.

It doesn’t have all the finishing touches yet, but I need to set it aside to work on a project with a deadline. I enjoyed this project and its new challenges.

Make it removable, ✔️
Make a little marble topped table ✔️
Make lighted candles in the fireplace ✔️
These were challenges that were achievable and fun.

So how did I make the lighted candles? I collected bits and pieces of turnings that were about 1/4″ in diameter. The one on the right was a scrap I saved after a practice session on a friend’s lathe and the others were cut from a porch post. After cutting them to size, I contoured and drilled some small Woodsies from my stash for the tops and bases.

For the candles, I took some styrene tubing and distorted the ends with heat and then cut a V for the “wax” to drip out. The wax is hot glue. It was kind of tricky to drill a hole through the wax and the turnings to thread the wires for the “flames.”

The flames are fairy lights. I cut three sections, each at the top of a light, then soldered them to a plug connector from Evans Designs. That way I could feed the wire through the fireplace wall to the adjoining cupboard to be connected to the battery and switch. I used yellow glass paint to create the golden glow.

There are a couple items I didn’t make. The genie bottle and the blackbird (4th photo) were made by club member and amazing lampwork artist, Nancy Gant. The turned stone covered box on the mantel is from Moorhouse Miniatures in Nanaimo, British Columbia. (MoorhouseMiniatures1 at

How would it look if I put it on a bookshelf? Kinda cozy.


I’m a Californian living in Oregon. But home is where my miniatures are.

5 thoughts on “Time for a Little Romance

  1. This is such a pretty and inviting little room. Love your built-ins, and your candles are inspired! I love that look in real life, and your recreation of it in miniature is inspired. (Love where you hid the wires, too.)

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  2. I just love your shelving system and all the interesting little things you have so beautifully arranged on them! The fireplace looks very romantic with those clever lighted candles and your concealment method is perfect! The view through the front door makes you want to go right in and grab a book! This may not be your go-to style, but you aced it all the same!

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  3. Thank you both for your kind words and encouragement. And thanks to the increasing number of viewers and followers. I’ve been a very slow maker rather than a collector, so I don’t have many cute things in my stash to enhance a scene. I’ve been slowly trying to turn that around. We have the Portland Miniature Show coming up in October, so that should help. Jodi, will I see you there?


    1. The hubs and I have discussed attending the Portland show and making a nice weekend out of it. It is a possibility. My parents are here the entire month of September and dad is having eye surgery so all that will factor in to the final decision. There would be no question if I really needed something or was feeling less guilty about the hoard I am already trying to work through! :O)

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