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Something New – the Silhouette Cameo 4

I’ve never acted so impulsively!

During the month of September I was called for jury service. I was assigned to a grand jury, which, for our county, met at least three days a week and paid $25 per day. During this time, the MicroMark catalog featured the new enhanced cutting machine from Silhouette, the Cameo 4. I had been curious about cutting machines and this was supposed to be faster and more powerful than the Cameo 3, as well as the Cricut machines. And it was selling for just $300, precisely what I would earn during my jury service!

I had the cash windfall and the new Cameo 4 would be available soon. I thought, “Why not?” And although I have never done anything so impulsive, I ordered it.

I had just started educating myself about the capabilities of these cutting machines, but had only seen a Cricut operate once to do a simple task. I was intrigued and read that the Cameo 4 had increased the force and could even cut soft wood. The design software remained a mystery, but I’m good with computers and graphics, how hard could it be?

I received a big box on a Friday, inside was a slightly smaller, but still big box, and inside that was the beautiful white Silhouette box. I opened that one and finally got to the machine.

I carefully went through the setup instructions. I was able to cut the tiny test triangle and then nothing. 🤔 I couldn’t run back to the store because I ordered on line, so I submitted a question to the support staff at Silhouette. They work bankers hours, so I’d have to wait until Monday. 😢 Meanwhile, I read tutorials and watched videos. I learned that I didn’t get the blade cartridge snapped in properly. I tried again, but it still didn’t cut.

Monday afternoon I got an email response from the Silhouette support staff. Lyndsee described how to tighten the blade cap. It worked. 🤗 I cut another tiny test triangle AND a bird on a branch from the picture library. Here it is in two ways: one with outline only and one with interior cuts.

This machine has so much capability, so I have a lot to learn. I purchased “The Ultimate Silhouette Guide.” After reading about halfway through, I dared to design a shipping box. (My shop would need inventory, which would likely come in cardboard shipping boxes.)

It took a couple tries, then I cut my box complete with slits to allow the flaps to be folded in. Some of my errors involved math. I think next time I’ll use metric measure, then I won’t have to contend with fractions!

How about you? Do you have a cutting machine? What things mini do you use it for? Thanks in advance for commenting in the form below.


I’m a Californian living in Oregon. But home is where my miniatures are.

6 thoughts on “Something New – the Silhouette Cameo 4

  1. A shop? What kind of shop do you have? As for the Cameo – you go Girl! Love getting packages in the mail – even if they do cost us dearly. I’m going to be working on my log cabin while starting a queen size bed quilt! Love getting fabric in the mail.
    Anyway, what prompted you to get this machine? Do you hope to use it for your miniature builds a lot?

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    1. My current project is a shop. As for the Cameo, I’m hoping it will be helpful in my miniature world. I’ll be taking baby steps along the learning curve. I’m excited to see progress on your log cabin. And now you are making a real-life quilt! Oh my!


  2. Well, that was an excellent use of your jury pay! If you’re going to have to spend twelve days of your life on a grand jury, you might as well get something really useful and fun out of it. I have the Cameo 2, I think. It doesn’t cut such thick materials, but I’ve found a way to make do. I use to for cutting furniture bits that are way too fiddly for me to get right by hand; for cutting shapes I need a lot of (purse bottoms, for example), and I love it for embossing (tin ceilings, rugs). Hope you really enjoy yours!

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  3. This is very exciting news indeed as with this amazingly versatile tool you have opened up a whole new level for creating ingenious new things! And how wonderful to use the windfall for it’s purchase! It can be hard for us to invest that kind of money into our “hobby”, so circumstances like this give us the freedom to go ahead without any guilt of potential frivolousness! Your cardboard boxes are a great way to begin to get to know the machine, and I am excited to see what that inventive mind of yours discovers in your experimenting! I recently joined a Facebook group for folks with Cricut machines and am blown away at how they are being implemented in making all manner of minis! I am sure there are similar groups for the Cameo, though I don’t see why owners of both machines couldn’t belong to one group. The group name is Miniatures Made By Cricuters! and the link is here: It may inspire you just to have a look at everyone’s ideas! Congrats on your new tool (toy!) and I can’t wait to see how you utilize it!

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    1. Frivolousness without guilt. I like that! It seems that the Cricut users and the Cameo users do the same things. It’s like buying a Maytag or a Samsung; they both get your clothes clean. Thanks for the tip about the Facebook group, I’ll see you there and I’ll check to see if there is a similar Cameo group.


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