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Mini Thanks

Like most countries, we in the USA have a harvest celebration. The theme is based upon a pot luck dinner held by our early settlers in New England, modeled after Thanksgiving in England.

I learned from my granddaughter that it wasn’t until 1863 that Thanksgiving became a national holiday. She told us that Sarah Josepha Hale, editor of Godey’s Lady’s Book in the mid-1800s thought that we should declare Thanksgiving a national holiday to be celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. Ms. Hale had written letters to five presidents requesting this uniformity. Finally Abraham Lincoln agreed that it was worth doing.

This was not the only reason we should remember Ms. Hale. She was an author and poet and supported education for women. She also supported historic preservation and social issues (although she did not support women’s suffrage). Because her home state of New Hampshire believes she should have more recognition, the New Hampshire Historical Society sells a Bobblehead Doll in her likeness.

Sarah Josepha Hale

I will think of Sarah Josepha Hale as I give thanks this year. Thanksgiving has been celebrated at our farmhouse starting in the late 1970s when my daughter, then 12 years old, made the turkey.

I am thankful for:

  • The turkey my daughter made years ago that helped to remind me that miniatures are for me.
  • My family, that acts as if it is normal that I play with dolls.
  • My growing base of like minded blog visitors who energize me and teach me so much.

So, enjoy this beautiful time of year, whatever way you celebrate!


I’m a Californian living in Oregon. But home is where my miniatures are.

4 thoughts on “Mini Thanks

  1. Very fascinating about Ms. Hale and surprising that I had never heard (or even wondered) about how Thanksgiving came to be before. I’d just assumed we’d kept doing it after the harvest since the pilgrims!
    Your daughter did a beautiful job of the mini turkey! And that sounds like a great list of things to be grateful for!
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year!

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    1. You can learn a lot from your grandchildren, you’ll see! I think the Thanksgiving story we learned was a bit of revisionist history.
      We had a wonderful, snowy Thanksgiving in Northern Arizona. Now we are back home in the freezing Northwest. It sounds like you had a wonderful time with family.


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