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Transition to Christmas

We went to Arizona for our Thanksgiving Holiday. I like to soak up the warm sunshine of the Southwest before winter sets in. We took a little hike on Tuesday, visited on Wednesday and then it rained while we cooked and feasted on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. Then, Oops! A storm hit!

In fairness, Prescott, AZ is in the mountains and it is not unusual to have snow. It is rare to have it in November, though. If you know Prescott, you might recognize this view of Courthouse Plaza across from Whiskey Row. I was prepared.

On Friday, my grandson spent the whole day with his friends doing what ten-year-old boys do in the first snow fall, while my granddaughter did homework. After eating leftovers, the grownups enjoyed a little walk in the charming downtown.

It felt like an early “white” Christmas, so when we got home I was already in the mood to start decorating. I had picked up a “book of Christmas Carols” at the Portland Mini Show, so I got out the player piano (a music box that turns on when the doors are slid open). The basket was a gift from last year’s annual club potluck. I used bits of wrapping paper to make the gifts.

Enjoy the season!


I’m a Californian living in Oregon. But home is where my miniatures are.

4 thoughts on “Transition to Christmas

  1. So glad you were fully prepared for the weather! We once visited the south rim of the Grand Canyon in May and got stuck in a blizzard in Flagstaff, and we were NOT prepared. What a sweet little Christmas scene you already have going. I really like the piano, and that basket is precious!

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    1. May is late for a blizzard! So glad you got through okay. I’ve got a pretty small supply of miniatures to use for scenes, but it is growing. The walnut basket is nicely done, I wonder how you could make a nut basket in half scale?


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