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It's Been One Year!

I’ve been blogging for one year now and what an amazing year it has been.

In about 2013 I embraced miniatures and decided it was okay to have a hobby, even when the chores are not done. Through the internet, I found there were others like me all over the world, and I became a mini blog junkie.

Cottage kitchen set I designed and made of bass wood (2015)

I found that our city had a miniatures club. I joined, and met some very talented tool-toting ladies. I gave our club website a refresh. Then I asked myself, “Should I join the blog community that I have grown to love? Would I have enough to say?”

Yes and yes. Although I am fairly new to putting all my energy into miniature making, I’m pleased that you find my site worth visiting. I especially enjoy your feedback with encouragement and ideas.

I worked with many new materials and techniques throughout the year. I explored most of them to make a birthday gift for my daughter who manages the fabric department at a sewing center. I was kind of secretive about it so it would be a surprise. I needn’t have been concerned because she only follows me on Instagram anyway.

Sewing Center Project (2019)

Being a miniaturist really works for me because it is so many crafts rolled into one. Here are some of my projects using papers, paints, woodwork, metal and textiles. I’ve shared what I learned about new materials like pvc foam and other plastics, and the tiny rivets and flat wire I discovered. I also added both 12-volt and battery operated lighting to my work. I contributed to a respected magazine for our hobby. Then I went out on a limb and bought a die cut machine!

I’m ready for another year, looking forward to facing new challenges and discovering new solutions.

In addition to achieving a year of blogging, I have had a total of 1000 visitors from all over the world! Thanks to all of you for taking me under your wing and including me in this talented, supportive miniature community.

This blog year also concludes with the worst pandemic in recent history. I am thankful that I am part of a caring virtual community and can pursue my hobby in isolation. Stay safe everyone, “Keep calm and let the glue dry.”


I’m a Californian living in Oregon. But home is where my miniatures are.

4 thoughts on “It's Been One Year!

  1. We seem to have like minds. I started my gardening blog in 2009 when my grandson wanted more information on toads and as I searched I ran across a blog and told myself: I can write a blog. I retired from teaching in 2013 and when my daughter asked me to refurbish her childhood dollhouse had bounced around over the decades from storage to barn, I was hooked. I began to chronicle my adventures on a new blog and have met such great people along the way.I have learned so much from such talented builders, including So Many Minis. And to add one more thing in common. You mentioned that you grandfather candled eggs. My parents, along with my dad’s dad, sold eggs and poultry. I grew up watching my mom and grandpa candle eggs that my dad would deliver to customers the next day. While I never learned to candle, my brother and I had our own chores in the family business. Today, we have a little clutch of hens that give enough eggs that I sell a dozen now and then to friend–only because she insists in paying for them. Sometimes I do wish I knew how candle eggs, but then they are fresh and I’ve never opened a bad one. I’m glad that we have connected; your work is amazing and I look forward to your second year. Happy Anniversary.

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    1. I have also noticed that we have much in common. I too, was hooked first by refurbishing my daughters’ dollhouse and then by the online miniature community. We have even had parallel projects like the potting bench you made while I was preparing a potting bench project for our club. We both made chairs at the same time, too. I look forward to a continued online friendship.


  2. Congratulations on your one-year anniversary! I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog this year. You’ve had some wonderful projects–on your own and with your club. And I’ve really appreciated the tutorials and tips you’ve provided. Here’s to many more years!

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