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Tea Time

Tea was often served in the CRM drawing room. The furniture arrangement we see in photos these days shows a tea table and two chairs across from a built in sofa. Similar furniture pieces were part of my order from Pop-Up Cards in Scotland.

During our Eugene Miniatures Club meeting by Zoom I punched them out and did a dry fit. The next morning this is what I found on my desk…

I love the distinctive design and the beautiful shadows they made in the morning sun. I took them apart and sanded the few rough spots, then glued them back together.

Next I filled the assembly holes with spackle, and sanded again.

I sprayed on a coat of gray primer and lightly sanded them. Pretend I didn’t paint the table legs before remembering to take a photo.

I used craft paint to make them black and then gave them a satin finish with several coats of wipe-on poly. If this was a real life project, I would use a sponge brush. Thinking small, I snipped a piece from a fun foam scrap and used my reverse tweezers to dip it into a small plastic container with a small amount of the poly. It worked perfectly for getting a smooth application and getting into the small crevices.

Cuppa tea anyone?


I’m a Californian living in Oregon. But home is where my miniatures are.

9 thoughts on “Tea Time

  1. These turned out so beautifully! Who would ever think they were from a card. I am a big fan of make-up sponges; never thought of fun foam, but what a great idea!

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  2. The chairs are quite impressive. I’ll have come back and read again how you created such a lovely finish. It is true that same real life techniques often work in miniature. The poly finish gives the chairs that crisp, clean, and elegant look. I’ve been looking for half scale furniture kits and have some in Australia and Europe. I need a living room set and probably kitchen cabinets, unless I can draw my own cabinets. Today my Maker knife blade arrives and I’ll try to cut 1/16 wood. I love the machine and I am slowly learning how to get the most out of Design Space. Thanks so much for your encouragement.

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    1. Thanks Ann. Actually I have since sanded and added more coats of paint and poly to get an even better finish. Maybe next time, I will do more sanding before assembly. I’m sure you have seen Deborah Randolph’s work in half scale. She is a master at small scale detail and offers sources. Congratulations on your Cricut Maker successes.


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