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The Bigger Issues

I think a lot about the social, health and safety issues of today. In the western U.S. we haven’t seen the sun in a week. For some, it’s worse than smoky skies on top of the pandemic, they have lost their homes, and for some, their whole community. We are only inconvenienced and have just been staying indoors.

Some friends were interviewed on last Sunday. They talked about their move back to Oregon for retirement. They inherited a home that had been in her family for three generations in the close-knit town of Blue River. That home burned to the ground. They concluded the interview with positive thoughts for the future and are regrouping at another family property next to me; a transitional Victorian built in 1904 by her great, great uncle. The out of focus poppies in this photo were on that property.

My friends can think positively about the future after losing everything they had worked so hard for. Amidst another day of gray, I am thankful that I, and my family and friends, are all okay.

It’s comforting to have such an engrossing hobby to contribute balance to my life. I hope you are all safe and healthy. Take care.


I’m a Californian living in Oregon. But home is where my miniatures are.

6 thoughts on “The Bigger Issues

  1. I’ve been thinking about you and wondering how you were doing. These fires are awful. When I moved to the Bay Area 40 years ago, we never had fires like this–not even during the major drought we had in the ’90s. Now it seems we have major fires every year. Last Wednesday, it was pitch dark all day. I knew that a lot of the smoke was coming from Oregon and know that’s where you live, and was praying that you, your loved ones and your home were all safe. It’s wonderful that your friend has such a positive attitude. Hope you continue to stay safe and healthy and enjoying your minis.

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    1. Thanks so much, Deborah. I figured you were also under a blanket of smoke. My reference is Southern California and in my lifetime I learned a lot about being fire safe. I will not live in or at the edge of a forest. This really caught Oregon off guard. Timber is a product here, the more the better. I predict the forestry practices will be changing as this is just the beginning of the new normal. Okay, back to my mini projects.


  2. I am glad you are okay Sherrill. We were inundated with smoke from the Riverside fires for quite a few days last week. It does seem like one thing after another and then another, but the human spirit is strong. We look back at the great depression then WWII and wonder how they did it. You just keep doing life with hope in your heart that tomorrow will be better. Having small things to look forward to helps…. enjoy your minis.

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  3. I feel so badly for your friends. Here in Colorado we know all too well the ravages of wild fire. We have one burning in the mountains west of us in our favorite canyon for camping. It is now over 100,000 acres and has been burning for weeks. We lived under a shroud of smoke for days that has finally cleared away. My daughter’s in laws were evacuated a few years ago when another fire burned for weeks and right up to the their door. Blessings for the firefighters who fight the fires so relentlessly to save homes. The in laws were once again under mandatory evacuation, but we had snow which has slowed the fire. I do hope that your friends settle in nicely and it will be nice to have your friends near.

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