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Meet the Artist

I secretly wished I had more artwork for my scenes. Then I received a letter from my granddaughter, @katjathered. For fun she did some tiny painting studies and thought I would like them. Like them? I love them.

I don’t get to see her these days so I was surprised and delighted when I received them in the mail. My granddaughter spends her spare time in creative pursuits. I know, how did that happen? Well, her mother is a graphic designer, turned fiber artist, but her dad also had some influence. He made his career in the military. Katja was born in Germany to American parents. While her dad was deployed and away from home she hung out with her mom, soaking up her artistic skills. Also. they moved a lot, so art provided consistency that new friends every few years did not.

I knew I had to frame them. I started by making mats, first with generic card stock and then once I decided my direction, I used a sampler of textured card stock. Because I couldn’t get the dimension a beveled cut offers, I decided to make a thin inner mat.

Each painting called for a different combination of inner and outer mat, but it was hard to predict the colors I would need. Also, I found that the paintings varied a little in size. So, on my Cameo 4, I set up two shapes, one square and one rectangular, and three sizes of cutouts. Then I cut a variety in each color. I mixed and matched until I was happy with all the paintings.

The next step was frames. I pulled out my frame stock and set to make a test frame. For one frame, I could fuss with mitered corners, but for 12 frames, it would take forever. I had to think of a way to automate it. Layers! I worked out the sizes and shapes I would need and cut them out of Cricut Kraft board.

Each frame consisted of one wider face frame and two thinner back frames. I used the Tacky glue with the precision tip and applied it to one thinner piece and using a Lego jig worked it into place. I did the same with the second thinner back frame. This provided a recess for inserting the painting. If I were making one or two frames, I might add more back layers for a more substantial look from the side. With layers, it is best to “paint” the pieces with super glue and then sand them.

I chose two different finishes, Sharpie metallic silver and Minwax Provincial touchup pen. The mats and frames are simple, but add quite a bit to the paintings. Best of all I could finish them in one week instead of a lifetime.

I set up a gallery in my pied à terre photo backdrop. I even had Katja sit in so you could “meet the artist.”

It surprises and pleases me to see that I have viewers come from around the globe, and the number of you is steadily increasing. Who are you and what do you like best about my blog? Please scroll down to the reply form to leave a comment. Take care and stay safe.


I’m a Californian living in Oregon. But home is where my miniatures are.

8 thoughts on “Meet the Artist

  1. I am new to your blog, so I can’t really answer your exact question. I can say I love miniatures, so I like to read about that. This post was especially wonderful because it brings together so many values I embrace – family, influence of parents, creativity, generosity, love. How wonderful to have these tiny paintings made with love from your granddaughter. The end result of framing the paintings is excellent. This could be an idea I incorporate into my dollhouse someday. Thanks for your post, and enjoy your day!

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  2. What treasures: A cool, artistic granddaughter who created those little treasured gifts. I can relate. While my granddaughters are near and I can seem more often, the grandsons are in Denver and as close as Denver is1.5 hours away– when traffic is light and moves– we still don’t get see them often. So these little gifts are so wonderful. Then your tutorial for mounting and displaying them is great. I’m having a hard time deciding which one is my favorite, but I do like the sun over the mountains.

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  3. Oh how fun! What a fun surprise! Something you needed and an absolute treasure because they were done by your granddaughter!!!!

    I who am I? I am Maryfran…I live in Frederick, MD and I enjoy working on my dollhouses. I don’t have a lot of space…or time…but enjoy the hobby when I have the time and feel inclined to set up a craft table in my living room!!!! I love looking at other blogs for inspiration and just for the love of the hobby!

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    1. It is nice to meet you. Just a warning, when I mentioned to our local miniature club members that I would not let miniatures take over my life, they laughed. I hope you are eventually able to set up your craft table in a more permanent space 😉.


  4. Creative waters do run deep in your family. It is so nice to see your granddaughter’s beautiful works of art. One of the many great things about handmade gifts is that the whole time you are working on them you are thinking about the intended recipient. You are a lucky grandmother!

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