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It’s Just a Façade

The Hill House has simple clean lines and relies on the materials and shapes for interest. Lately, I’d been focusing on the square limestone arch surrounding the door, but before I glued it into place, I needed one more thing.

I needed a “wall” to extend the left corner. This would complete the front-most plane of the façade. I cut some wood to fit, then primed and stuccoed it. The dry fit looks good.

Gluing was a little tricky because it needed to be square to the existing wall and clamped firmly. First I removed the door. Then I pulled out some Legos, an essential in every toolbox for maintaining square. The Lego blocks kept the new corner at 90° and the clamps kept it firmly in place.

Once the glue dried, I tucked a little stucco into the joint to make it less obvious. Then I primed and painted it to match. Note that I had added a “chimney” for more interest.

Now the moment I’ve been waiting for – gluing on the square arch! Again, I used plenty of clamps to ensure it was held firmly in place while the glue dried. Remember when I thought the color of the arch was a little off? I repainted it and like it much better.

I put the door in again to get the full effect. Here you see the room box from the right side.

And here is the inspiration. You can see that this is a large house and even in one-inch scale it would take up my whole work space, which is why I picked architectural details over a full replica. You can see the limestone square arch and small front window. I chose to indicate the front chimney, but put it on the left side, and the push-out for the built-in sofa is behind the tree on the right side.

Photo from The Herald, Glasgow

Although we still have lots of fall color in our city, our weather has turned cold and rainy. How is the weather in your city? Please take care.


I’m a Californian living in Oregon. But home is where my miniatures are.

6 thoughts on “It’s Just a Façade

  1. Your workmanship is always inspirational. It is quite an accomplishment to say, “I really want to recreate that”–and then do it. Typical Fall here with a dash of snow, cold, cold weather one week, wind the next, and now sunshine and temps in the 60s. I’m thankful to have my minis to keep me occupied. Stay well and keep up the cool work.

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  2. This is looking just marvelous, Sherrill! I think the features you have chosen from the original structure are perfect to convey the style and yet keep it at a size that allows for future dreaming, too! Excellent work, as always!

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