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Distracted by an App Fest

Happy New Year! And what a year this has been! Sadly, there is the grief of Covid, and the white knuckle presidential election (just over two more weeks!). But my year had a few more complications. It started without a real life kitchen and I also scheduled some routine surgery for April. Just as the kitchen remodel project was about finished, we went on lockdown. My surgery was postponed but I kept my distance anyway in hopes that it would be rescheduled soon. It was back on for August, so I continued to isolate.

While that was all going on, I had an “app fest” to improve my mini capabilities. I had been using the drawing app, Graphic, for the Mac, then went to Inkscape because that’s what others were using to design for the Cricut Maker. It dawned on me that Silhouette Studio for my Cameo 4 had a vector graphics app built in. I’m glad I got that sorted out and now use Silhouette Studio for my drawing needs.

I took a little diversion to see if I could learn to do laser cutting or CNC router cutting. That became futile as machines were not available due to the continued lockdowns. No rest for the weary, though. The Cricut Maker went on sale and since I really wanted to cut wood, I ordered one. I’m still trying to sort out the similarities and differences between the two die-cut machines.

When I started this blog nearly two years ago, I worried that I wouldn’t have enough to say. Now 97 posts later, I guess I do. My viewership continues to grow and those who comment say they are learning from my tools and materials experiments. You provide encouragement. Thanks everyone!

Although I have been pretty self contained my entire life, I joined three mini Facebook groups and opened an Instagram account. What?? I have been enjoying the camaraderie of the like-minded mini community.

I posted this photo on Instagram and received a comment from the Pendleton company that they loved my little chair.

Typically, I explore materials and techniques in support of a larger project. Last year I started with the Oregon Icons theme, but that got overtaken when I wanted to do the Hill House. I’m thinking that when I finish the Hill House this year, I’ll make individual items and use them to make scenes to improve my photography. I’ll also try a couple do-overs and expand my knowledge of electrical and my die-cut machines.

I posted this photo on Instagram and I received a comment that it was windy on the Hill House property as well.

Well, it’s out with the old (we hope) and in with the new. Thanks for joining me for my App Fest distraction. I hope you continue to visit and join the conversations throughout 2021. Have a happy healthy new year.

Even my little dolls have to deal with the aftermath of the festivities.


I’m a Californian living in Oregon. But home is where my miniatures are.

7 thoughts on “Distracted by an App Fest

  1. You were the deciding vote in moving me to buy my Maker, and I’m so glad that I did. Now my daughter has purchased one to cut leather. She is becoming quite the leather artist, selling her beautiful earrings and horse tack and taking special orders. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram as wild_sundance. She will continue to hand tool, but the maker will speed up certain cuts. So thank for your encouragement and kind words over the year. I’ve learned and grown from your tutorials, so another thank you. Happy New Year, Sherrill, wishing you a year of joy, peace, good health.

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    1. Lol! Others in this community encouraged me to get my Maker, I’m glad to be able to pay it forward 🤗. How wonderful that you have encouraged your daughter to get one to further her artistic endeavors. I’ll be sure to check her social media. It has been fun to find so many parallels in our lives. Best wishes for this New Year of mini blogging together.


  2. Happy New Year, Sherrill.
    I’m also a solitary kind of person, partly because that’s me, and partly because I live a very isolated life here in South Africa. There simply aren’t many opportunities to get together with fellow enthusiasts in real life.
    A few years ago, I sculpted a micro version of a Cabbage Patch Kid doll. After months of frustration (I’m not a great sculptor, yet), I finally made a version I was happy with, and I posted photos in an online doll group I belong to. Because it’s a copyrighted design, I was careful to mention that I was doing the mini version for my own satisfaction. I was astonished when one of the original owners of the doll company contacted me through the group and said what a fantastic little doll it was. That was one of the greatest thrills of my life so I can imagine that you feel the same way when the owners of a full-scale item appreciate your mini version.
    How much the world has changed in our lifetime, and how wondrous it is that through the internet we can be connected to people we never dreamed of meeting.

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    1. Megan, what a wonderful story. I agree, we think we are fine in our own solitary world, but a little pat on the back from someone we admire and it makes us all warm and fuzzy inside. The internet is a difficult joy, but it sure helps to make family and friends feel closer.

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