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A Little Light on the Subject

There are two iconic light fixture designs that I chose to reproduce for the Hill House room box. One is the sconces that I did in September, and this week I started on the floor lamp.

The first step was to collect some photos of the lamp. I estimated the dimensions by measuring real life floor lamps and miniatures and decided on a height of 4.5 to 5”. Next I selected materials. The same hand-pressed paper that I used for the sconces would be used for the shade. I had some fine plywood off cuts which when stacked, reminded me of the wood cube. I used stick wood for the frame, a brass tube in the center to run the wire through and stacked two Woodsies for the base.

When I was making the curtains and the sconces in Inkscape, I had drawn the rose motif shade. I just had to make a few adjustments like eliminating one motif and adding a margin around the edges for folding under.

Of course I printed it out as I made the adjustments and got closer to my goal. I also tried it on the special paper.

I was going to cut it out manually, but thought why not use print and cut? I loaded the image into my Cameo 4 because that machine allows me to make design changes if needed. I also cut a lining of velum to glue on the inside for more durability. Then print!

Now cut! It didn’t quite center itself, but rather than fiddle with it, I accepted it as is.

I stiffened the shade and the liner with a couple coats of Mod Podge and then used white glue to laminate them. I contoured them while the glue was wet so I didn’t get wrinkles or bubbles later.

While waiting for the glue to dry, I cut and stained the wood pieces.

I wanted everything to fit together as precisely as possible and decided to make a template. The right tool for the job was the Cricut. I drew a circle the size of the Woodsies to be used for the base and then centered a 1/8” circle and sliced a hole for the tube. I sliced more holes where the uprights would be inserted and cut it out. I used it to drill perfectly placed holes. Here is the dry fit:

I was pretty excited at this point because the lamp was looking just as I had imagined it. But then real life got in the way. It seems that while everyone is on lockdown some people are doing some thinning out. We have received a couple inquiries from people wanting to donate items to our club. I receive those inquiries and I am conveniently located, so I have been the drop off location. Look what we got!

This represents the stash of a lady who decorated eggs. I did not know anything about this hobby called eggery, but soon found out that her stash has a lot in common with a miniaturist’s stash. There are tiny threads, ribbons and braids, floral material, jewelry findings and beads, and little figures.

Under normal circumstances, I would have our members come over and ask them to “shop” and take whatever they wanted. We can’t do that yet, so I have been photographing the various categories so members could see what we have. Then I can arrange a pick up using appropriate precautions.

So, as often happens, I have been a little distracted. I’m excited to finish my lamp, though.


I’m a Californian living in Oregon. But home is where my miniatures are.

12 thoughts on “A Little Light on the Subject

  1. Sherrill…I’m in awe of your lamp! How cool to see it come to fruition, and let the machines do the work! I’ve yet to dive into things like Inkscape and printer/cutters, its certainly inspiring.

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  2. Distractions! Imagine what we could get done without them. The lamp is beautiful. I’ve made my own lampshades, but they are always clumsy. I’ve used Modge Podge to give them body, which works nicely, I’ve not thought about using vellum to give added strength. Good idea. Will you light it? I’m looking forward to seeing it lit.

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  3. That lamp is so cool! I love your methods and they all appear to be working out perfectly! Can’t wait to see the lamp all finished and lit in the Hill House!!!

    And how fun to digitally shop the donations! I know your creative group will make the most of these wonderful supplies!

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  4. Sherrill: This is one of my favourite styles and your lamp is going to be exquisite! I just love it. You’re so very talented! – Marilyn D., New Brunswick, Canada

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  5. The lamp is going to look very much like its RL counterpart! There’s nothing I love so much as rummaging in someone else’s discarded stash. One man’s trash and all that… I’m sure your club members are going to find a good use for everything in those boxes.

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    1. Thanks Megan. I’m excited to get back to my lamp, but in the meantime it is fun watching our club members make selections from the donated stash. These are pretty high quality discards. We have a large “Queenslander style” porch where I can spread the boxes out. Do you have Queenslander style in South Africa? Some members had a great time browsing while socially distant in the fresh air.


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