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Easter Bunny Greetings

I enjoy celebrating holidays in miniature. Last year my little dolls showed you how they prepare. This year I decided to make chocolate Easter bunnies. During our club meeting by Zoom I attempted to sculpt a sitting bunny using Fimo. It wasn’t going well in part because I’m no sculptor and in part because the Fimo was too firm to get the detail I was hoping for. Karin offered to help by dropping off an Easter bunny mold. She included a chunk of Sculpey III, which was the real breakthrough. After making some tiny molded bunnies, I got brave and tried to sculpt a sitting bunny. Here are the results of my Sculpey attempt.

I also tried to “fatten” the molded bunnies. Oops! we had a little material failure, but that’s all part of the learning. Other than that, I found the Sculpey had much more elasticity and was easier to work with.

The next session, I used my first sitting bunny as a guide and set to making three more. I rolled three balls of Sculpey 3/8″ in diameter, then pushed them into the approximate shape.

It was helpful to do three at a time as it gave me more practice. With a wooden carving tool and ball stylus, I started pushing the Sculpey into shape to bring out more detail.

Once satisfied with the body shape, I added the tails.

I made the ribbons using a tiny, tiny string of white Sculpey with a pinch of pink Fimo for color. Then with a very light touch, I flattened the string. With a little fiddling, I added the bows. Once baked, I coated them with matte ModPodge. Certainly not perfect, but I am satisfied as a first attempt.

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate and happy spring season to everyone! Continue to stay safe in your mini worlds.


I’m a Californian living in Oregon. But home is where my miniatures are.

3 thoughts on “Easter Bunny Greetings

  1. Happy Easter. Love the bunnies. Looks like you have added to your talents. I’ve invested a lot in Fimo and when I went to work with some of it the other day, an un opened package had hardened. With a little research, I learned that polymer clay will dry out and harden with age. Baby oil will soften it again, but I found it turned mushy. I can’t say if the brand matters or if it is just the nature of polymer. Anyway, the chocolate bunnies look authentic and in the spirit of the holiday. Bravo.

  2. Wow Sherrill! You are far too modest! These chocolate bunnies are absolutely precious! Love the baskets, too! Happy Easter!

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