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But is it Blog-worthy?

We’ve all worked on mini projects that don’t seem like they would make an interesting blog post, or for various reasons we are not going to post them. This happens to me when I say,


I said yes to American Miniaturist and have devoted the past couple of weeks to some cute projects for the magazine. We are going to keep you in suspense until the projects are published, then I’ll be sure to tell you about them. One of them is simple and one is fairly complex and they use a variety of materials.

Also, I like opportunities to use my Cameo 4 or my Cricut. When Angie was looking for Cricut users to test some flower designs they had done on their Cameo, my hand went up. Testing designs for others is a great way to add skills and explore materials and techniques. They were making several types of roses in Barbie and 12th scales. I used some decades old draftsman’s tracing paper that we had on hand, which cut beautifully. Then we pushed the limit and tried tissue paper. My advice to you is, “Don’t try this at home.”

To make future experiments repeatable, I opted to update my paper supply. I found some tracing paper by Canson at Michael’s. I assumed that tracing paper was the same as a material called vellum. Google says yes, and no. They are both translucent with a smooth finish. My new one is smoother and finer than the old one, and the different brands have slightly different textures. Vellum is heavier and can be found in various weights and even colors. At our local art supply store I was able to purchase a pad of Canson vellum. They both cut nicely.

Although Angie didn’t ask, I tested several ways to color the two papers. I liked alcohol pens and watercolor the best. Then I tried assembling some roses; clearly, I need more practice. I’ll continue with this project as time permits.

Another “yes” moment was when Auralea of American Miniaturist asked if I would make some shingles for a project she is doing for the magazine. She designed some very cute half-scale shingles. I did the math to determine how many she would need and set to work. Care to guess how many?

What about me, you ask? I have been doing things for me too. Currently I’m making a mid-century-modern credenza by Dilly Dally Dollhouse. You have probably noticed a theme here. Rita’s designs are so stylish and fun to do – she does all the thinking so the maker gets all the fun. I love how it is coming along, but I must wait overnight for the oil-based stain to dry before finishing it up.

So, are these projects blog-worthy? You decide.


I’m a Californian living in Oregon. But home is where my miniatures are.

6 thoughts on “But is it Blog-worthy?

  1. Is it interesting, encouraging or inspiring? Yes? Then I say “YES!”! You never know when a post will be there to meet another enthusiast’s need for or opportunity for this exact facet. It’s a perfect post, Sherrill!

  2. I like to just post a quick snap of my small things and put them on Instagram…I stink at blogging!
    I thoroughly enjoy your posts, and learn something new…You are an excellent teacher!

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