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Life Imitates Art

Remember last week I mentioned that I am making the mid-century modern credenza by Dilly Dally Dollhouse? Well, it’s all finished and I love the way it turned out.

I decided to share it with my family. Some of you know that we are spread among four western states plus Florida. When I complete a project I think they would enjoy, I share it through text or email. At first I “let” my dollhouse dolls help with the projects to make it entertaining for my grandchildren. Now, my grandchildren are much older and the Fruity Girls don’t always help, but this week they were featured in a text message to the group. I thought what ensued was pretty fun so I decided to share the exchange with you.

The Fruity Girls go retro. RL, close your mouth, you’re drooling 😉. 

My sister, KS, responded – That reminds me of Grandma’s living room furniture. Nicely done. My daughter, KL, agreed.

My daughter in law, RL, jumped in as I predicted – Omg!!! Wait…. that is my credenza!! I have the exact same credenza in my bedroom!

I added, Lol! I knew you had one of that sort, but didn’t remember the exact design.

RL – How did the Fruity Girls get the same credenza?

The credenza in RL’s bedroom

RL – Almost the same. 🙂 Did they see the same ad on Craigslist?

KL – Laughed at “Almost the same. 🙂 Did they see the same ad on Craigslist?”

KL – Emphasized “Omg!!! Wait…. that is my credenza!! I have the exact same credenza in my bedroom!”

My other daughter, EL – Loved “Omg!!! Wait…. that is my credenza!! I have the exact same credenza in my bedroom!”

Me – Life imitates art 🤗. 

Sister in law, BN, That picture outside the window looks like our Washington DC home.  Brings back happy  memories.  Is it?

Me – Yes. I needed an appropriate view and thought your old neighborhood would be perfect 🤗. 

BN – It is 🥰perfect.

Other sister-in-law, TN – Your brother said that chair looks a lot like a chair in Grandma’s house.

KS had a photo handy and tossed it in.

Gotta love the 1960s. Yes, that is my brother flanked by his sisters KS on the left and me on the right and the chair in question behind him.

TN – Loved an image

KL – That’s not your brother is it?

Me – Lol! If not him, then who? Yes, it’s my brother. 

KL – I think he looks pretty good!

Me – He was cute 😊. 

TN – He still is!

Back to the twin credenzas … Me – That is spooky. The design for the credenza is from Rita, who lives not far from you, RL. 🤗

Me – Here are her designs. She also suggests drawers. I just combined the options. 

RL – That is soooooo cool!! Gonna check out her site.

Me – I love her simple designs. This chair is also by Rita. The fabric is from KL’s shop, and Granddaughter did the painting. 

RL – 😍❤️ All in the family

I never expected our family group to find so many favorites and memories to share, but It is fun to have something to “chat” about when we can’t all get together. How about you? How do you share your projects?


I’m a Californian living in Oregon. But home is where my miniatures are.

8 thoughts on “Life Imitates Art

  1. Your family response is pretty special. I have never been appreciative of Mid Century Modern, but your pieces are so lovely that I’m thinking I may have to rethink my taste. I have made from scratch a waterfall buffet from the ’20s-’40s that resembled my grandmother’s. I haven’t finished it yet and it is pretty rough, so I may re-make it. It is amazing that yours looks like the ones that your family have–shows that it is a classic and timeless piece. As for sharing my miniatures projects–with my daughters and grand daughters. They are always excited and supportive. Keep up the good work that makes people smile.

  2. What fun, Sherrill. Can’t help but wonder whether you are working with some inside information or a very good memory.
    When I was little, my maternal grandmother had a glass-topped side table in the formal sitting room. It had a porcelain Dalmatian dog as the base. I was never allowed to go near it for fear of breaking something but I admired it from a distance. A few years later, my younger cousins destroyed it. The other day I found a plastic toy Dalmatian and thought, I should make a little table like that for my dollhouse!

    1. That’s the funny part. I just made the pieces I felt like making and that triggered memories by my family members. Then they sent me photos to confirm. It was a fun exchange that went on for about an hour 😂. How frustrating that you were a careful child, but your cousins broke the special table and therefore spoiled your memory of it.

  3. The credenza is marvelous and the family conversations it spawned are wonderful! Sorry so late, and thank you for sharing the amazing designer’s web site!

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