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Miniature Mosaic

This is not about artwork with a kajillion little pieces; rather, it is about a kajillion little projects involved in the art of miniature making. My desk is a mosaic of in-process projects.

  • Experimenting with Truboo yarn
  • Creating my IKEA experience
  • Researching design inspirations for the Jessica Cloe house
  • Building a Lego Hill House
  • Etc., etc.

Let’s start with the yarn. Little Vintage Lane Miniatures posted a charming fall scene on Instagram that included an afghan that draped beautifully. She said the yarn was Truboo, made from bamboo. Not one to let well enough alone and because it looked like the yarn plies would separate like embroidery floss, I attempted to separate them to make it more miniature. I did eventually find a fairly quick way to do it, but having no idea how much length I would need, there will be some joins. It’s been decades since I have knitted, so I chose a simple pattern.

The IKEA experience started with collecting ideas for some storage units and translating them to small scale, then making boxes for them on my Cameo 4, and cutting the pieces for the units on my table saw. Now I’m experimenting with color. Stain before or after assembly? I picked up some water-based weathered wood stain and gave it a try. I love the weathered gray finish, but unfortunately, it warped the small wood test pieces. I tried some other methods like priming and sealing the wood first, and using some actual stains, both water based and oil-based. The weathered wood still warped all the samples – just not as much. Neither of the stains caused warping.

A new project always has lots of components which is both fun and challenging. I’ve been making mini furniture and boxes and will be building the house kit. As we all know when you are exhausted from all that building, you order pizza for dinner. I made four pizza boxes last week, this week I made the pizzas.

I used a YouTube tutorial from Sugar Charm Shop and this book I had on hand. By the way… I think Sculpey is much easier to work with than Fimo.

While I was building my Hill House room box, my husband ordered a model of the house as a Lego kit. It was a special edition to raise funds for their restoration efforts, which won a national architectural award. It was fun to put it together and then notice the details in common, even though my project is a room box and the Lego kit is the entire house.

So there you have it. Lots of projects in various stages of completion. How about you? Are you able to stay focused on one project at a time?


I’m a Californian living in Oregon. But home is where my miniatures are.

7 thoughts on “Miniature Mosaic

  1. My, you have been busy. Your knitting is amazing. I don’t knit, but I do crochet. I use a crochet a cotton string #10 with either a 1.80 mm or 10 hook, depending on well my hands and eye work together. I find crocheting tiny afghans very frustrating. Of course I started by making them for 1/24 scale beds. I love Sugar Charm Shop. I’ve learned so much from her tutorials, but I think she has stopped making them; now I follow her Instagram. She does have a great library on Youtube.Your pizzas look pretty tasty I’ve only worked worked with Fimo and buy Fimo soft. I have some sculpty but haven’t used it. As for current projects? I’ve not worked on any projects for the last several weeks. I’ve been a bit under the weather but I have plenty to work on. Excited to see your Ikea inspired project. It’s going to be cool.

    1. I’d love to crochet a miniature afghan, but for some reason my crocheting always turns out as a triangle. For me, knitting has less risk. It was fun to make the pizzas, I really must use polymer clay more often. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Wow Sherrill! The pizzas came out great! I think mini food might be another skill that you can add to your list of talents! And the knitting, too! These all sound like really fun challenges and it’s nice to have several of them in process to suit whatever mood comes along! The wee CRM Lego house is so adorable! I love that the instruction book is tiny, too!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed seeing all that is going on in my world. I love that miniatures allow me to use all the skills I’ve picked up along the way. Polymer clay is fairly new to me, but I’m sure I’ll be doing more.

  3. If that isn’t the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. Amazing! I tried to learn to knit but that was a fail. I’ve been crocheting (however) since I was 12, but I don’t make things as often as I use to. Again I love the pizza’s!

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