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Meet Vebjörn and Havsta

One fun part of the IKEA experience is the names they give to each of their products. To those of us English speakers, some product names seem humorous and even unpronounceable. I decided to learn about the names and entered them into Google Translate. Vebjörn translated to “web bear” and Havsta didn’t translate. Hmm… Then I asked Google about how the products are named and came up with this explanation. I hope my Scandinavian visitors will jump in and help if I’m off base here.

The IKEA Vebjorn desk and the Havsta storage units. Everything is just set in.

The explanation called the naming system “brilliant in its simplicity and scalability. Each product is named after Swedish towns and villages, humans, and other applicable Swedish words. … Each category of products is assigned a specific type of name.”

My Vebjörn desk was given the name of a boy. Living room furniture is named after places or boys, so I was not surprised to find that my Havsta cabinets and shelves were named after a town west of Stockholm.

Last week’s work on the Havsta cabinets and shelves concluded when I found that I had some pieces missing. They have arrived (that is, I cut the needed pieces).

I added the shelf fences and the cabinet base molding.

To finish up, I sanded, painted all the new wood and exposed areas, and coated all the pieces with the wax that is used to seal chalk paint. Once I buffed the wax, I mounted the doors with pin hinges. The door pulls are the smallest size of map tack shortened to just go through the thickness of the door and attached them with super glue. I am so glad I bought the hinge pin setting tweezers from Smaller Than Life because this is the best tool for holding onto tiny nails and pins while pushing them into the holes.

This is a temporary setup using all the IKEA furniture I’ve made so far. You will recognize the Kallax bookcase, my first furniture project cut with my Cricut. Good thing the room is temporary because once I assemble the third Havsta components (in the boxes at the lower left), they won’t fit in this photo backdrop.

It will be so nice to have a craft room with a place for everything and everything in it’s place. See the sewing machine prototype from the sewing center for my daughter and the Cricut Maker from Marie?

By the way, I also looked up Kallax bookcases. Bookcases are typically named for either boys or professions. But I found a place called Kallax at the north end of the Gulf of Bothnia. That caught my eye because my Swedish-Finnish great grandmother, Ida Maria Blomqvist, came from the Ostrobothnia part of Finland right across that body of water from Sweden. Although her home town of Nykarlby was in Finland, the people and culture there were Swedish.

Ida Maria Blomqvist, who was always busy doing needlework and making her world a prettier place.


I’m a Californian living in Oregon. But home is where my miniatures are.

4 thoughts on “Meet Vebjörn and Havsta

  1. I am learning so much more about Ikea than I imagined. The pieces are coming along quite nicely. It will be fun to see the final project. Now, I’m headed to search out the last fireplace you built as I work on mine for the entertainment center for the Manchester that will have a modern fireplace. I’ve abandoned the Fimo clay logs that I made for this project. I’m still a little envious of you mini Maker. It’s just so cute.

    1. Now I’ll bet you will have to go to an Ikea store just to see for yourself 😉. Good luck finding a modern fireplace on my blog. I wouldn’t describe mine as modern, however the ones Marie over on Facebook New Age Dollhouse Miniatures makes fit that description.

  2. The Ikea furnishings gathered in the room look marvelous, and the accessories increase the charm! So cute! Super interesting about the naming, and how wonderful to have the family history with photos! Can’t wait to see the next installment and where this super trendy craft room will be packaged permanently!

    1. Thank you Jodi. Making miniatures is a wonderful adventure in many ways. As you know, the research is big part of it; and now you know DNA is also a part 😉. I’m excited about the next phases, but permanent? I’m not sure I know how to make permanent.

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