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Tea Time

Tea was often served in the CRM drawing room. The furniture arrangement we see in photos these days shows a tea table and two chairs across from a built in sofa. Similar furniture pieces were part of my order from Pop-Up Cards in Scotland.

During our Eugene Miniatures Club meeting by Zoom I punched them out and did a dry fit. The next morning this is what I found on my desk…

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It’s Not Rocket Science, but it’s Related

It seemed that everything I did this week involved using a screen. Here’s a summary:

For me Sunday’s SpaceX Launch was quite moving. I worked in aerospace for 23 years before retiring. No, I’m not an engineer, but I really enjoyed working with them. It was an honor to witness real rocket scientists at work, so I was excited to see the successful SpaceX Launch on Saturday and docking on Sunday.

Photo from International Space Station Crew in light blue suits, new crew members in dark shirts as viewed from the Mission Control Center at NASA in Houston.
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Special Chair from Scotland

While I was doing research on the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Room, I kept an eye out for appropriate furniture. A search led me to a site that offers laser-cut wooden “pop-up” cards that include some CRM selections. These are novelty gift cards in many themes including places in Great Britain and furniture by CRM. There was a set of dollhouse scale replica chairs and tables.

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A Mockup to Refine the Design

Once I was satisfied that I could adequately reproduce the key interior features for the Charles Rennie Mackintosh (CRM) project I moved on to the structure.

I’m working in 1-inch scale yet want to make the project as small as possible while capturing some iconic architectural details. This poses a challenge, but three-dimensional mockups help by showing where I can make adjustments to the size.

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Drawing in the Glasgow Style

I’ll be making a Charles Rennie Mackintosh inspired room box as a platform for learning new skills. Last week I used the trace, print and cut capability on my Cameo 4. I continued to explore those capabilities, with the addition of some drawing this week.

I learned that the roses we attribute to Mackintosh are all in the “Glasgow Style” and many artists have created their own versions of the Glasgow Rose.

Years ago I visited the Hill House and was awestruck when I walked into the drawing room with its serene decor and bright southern exposure. I’ll recreate the ambiance with a sofa that has Glasgow roses on the back cushion. I found a closeup of the motif, but didn’t like it as much as some of the more stylized forms. I thought, I’ll try to create my own.

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