Why Miniatures?

I’m a maker, I always have been. Until now, making was for the greater good. Family, home, necessity.  Then, I refurbished the dollhouse we bought when my daughters were young. It was “for my grandchildren.” I soon discovered that miniature making was for me.

A small scale home uses most of the skills I employed in improving and maintaining real life homes. It also presents new opportunities and challenges. Miniatures offer opportunities for:

•  Creativity
•  Problem solving
•  Multi-media

But miniatures seemed frivolous. I spent some time reconciling pursuing a hobby. My rule had always been to get the house in order before enjoying personal time. But the housework was never done. Finally, I relented and embraced frivolity.

I still struggle to find balance, but now I have an inner voice that says,

“Have fun and let miniature making happen.”