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A Mockup to Refine the Design

Once I was satisfied that I could adequately reproduce the key interior features for the Charles Rennie Mackintosh (CRM) project I moved on to the structure.

I’m working in 1-inch scale yet want to make the project as small as possible while capturing some iconic architectural details. This poses a challenge, but three-dimensional mockups help by showing where I can make adjustments to the size.

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Drawing in the Glasgow Style

I’ll be making a Charles Rennie Mackintosh inspired room box as a platform for learning new skills. Last week I used the trace, print and cut capability on my Cameo 4. I continued to explore those capabilities, with the addition of some drawing this week.

I learned that the roses we attribute to Mackintosh are all in the “Glasgow Style” and many artists have created their own versions of the Glasgow Rose.

Years ago I visited the Hill House and was awestruck when I walked into the drawing room with its serene decor and bright southern exposure. I’ll recreate the ambiance with a sofa that has Glasgow roses on the back cushion. I found a closeup of the motif, but didn’t like it as much as some of the more stylized forms. I thought, I’ll try to create my own.

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Curved Lines and Roses

For years, I have had a love for the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh an artist and architect from Glasgow. I like his graceful forms arranged in unexpected ways. The stylized roses that he and his wife Margaret used are now seen in many applications. In fact, here are three instances in our master bedroom. So, when I was musing about a theme for my next project, it wasn’t a stretch to check out Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

The border is by Dard Hunter, the pillow is by Diane Ayers and the the framed art is three note cards I picked up at the Hunterian Art Gallery in Glasgow.

My projects are often vehicles for trying out new materials or techniques. I’ve been intrigued with Deborah’s use of a laser cutting service for her Art Deco house. She started with a Popular Mechanics dollhouse plan which she reduced to half scale. She made a mockup of foam core and not wanting to hand cut the basic structure, she enlisted the help of a laser cutter. She used MS Word to draw patterns to the exact dimensions and the resulting “kit” is amazing.

My project will include creating patterns to send to a cutting service, possibly learning new software that is compatible with laser cutting, ordering the laser cutting, and extendIng my learning curve on my Cameo 4. I’m sure this will take a while; I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Rita at Dilly Dally Dollhouse made an irresistible MCM rocking chair on her Cricut Maker. She laminated two layers of bass wood to get the thickness she wanted. A lightbulb went off, this was the perfect project to practice the capabilities of my machine.

Each week I try to do something with my Cameo 4. I got it because I wanted to cut bass wood and maybe chipboard. The Cameo 4 claimed to be faster, have more force and was $100 less than the Maker, but I knew nothing about either machine. When I received it I jumped right in and fell flat on my face. I still have a lot to learn, and maybe Silhouette does too. I’m feeling confident on the thinner materials now and will soon increase the thickness.

Rita’s chair was perfect for my quest for knowledge. I would use the flimsy Silhouette chipboard that I had on hand and just use more layers. She offers her svg files for free so I set up two pieces of the chipboard to cut eight layers, and quickly cut them out.

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