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The Secret is Out

I’ve been a little coy about a project I’ve been working on for nearly a year. My daughter became manager of a new fabric department at Montavilla Sewing Center. Some time ago, I had purchased the Real Good Toys general store. Well, the general store looked a lot like my daughter’s store, so I decided a mash up was in order. I kept it quiet so I could make it a birthday gift. Kristin had Saturday off, so we presented it then. She was all giddy.

Here is the finished store about to open!

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Fluorescent Light Installation

My four “fluorescent light” fixtures are ready to suspend from the shop ceiling. There is one problem; there is no ceiling in this shop. The shop has four fixed walls and a removable plexiglass cover. I will make the light fixtures look like they hang from the ceiling.

I made a center “ceiling joist” to support “rafters” of 1/4″ polystyrene square tubes. The joist will have notches to support the rafters and keep the spacing. The wires for the lights will run through the hollow rafters.

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Needle Felted Puppy

I just love the feedback I receive from my blog and Instagram visitors. I’ve learned from you and feel good when you say you have learned from me. And sometimes, you just make me smile.

One of those smile moments was when Deborah replied to my post on collaboration. I loved her comment, “Tutti is so stinking cute.” She also asked if the puppy was hard to make. With all the talent that miniaturists possess, I believe that there is nothing that you all can’t do. But I can go a step further with Deborah’s question. When I finished the puppy, I had collaborated with my Fruity Girl groupies to think of a name, but in the request, I also gave a brief How To. So, join the “Fruity Girls and Me” for a short tutorial.

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Contemporary Sewing Machine

I had a vintage-look sewing machine, but like in real life, I wanted a contemporary sewing machine too. I searched some tutorials. This one at Easy DIY Miniatures looked interesting and I would learn a new technique. My goal would be the Baby Lock Aria. It wasn’t too fussy and it is popular at the store where my daughter works.

The material is the same expanded PVC sheet I used for the craft table and the office chair. For the table the PVC was used as is, for the chair, I used heat to reform it, and this project would involve carving.

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I built doors

I’ll need doors for a future build, but I was not able to find the size and style I need ready made. The solution? Build them myself. I ordered door frame wood in three sizes from Northeastern Scale Lumber. This wood has a groove precut to hold the “glass.”

Once I cut the wood to the dimensions in my sketch, I could see that the proportions were not quite right. But these are miniatures, the investment is small, I can start over.

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