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Projects Ready for Viewing

Before minis, I researched my family history. I was driven to do it to understand why I’m Necessary. Yes, that is the surname I was born with. Except for the 15 years I used my first husband’s surname, when I gave my name, I got lame jokes or questions about where it came from. So I tried to find the origin. What does this have to do with So Many Minis? Trust me, I’ll get there.

When it first became available for personal use, people said you could find anything on the internet. Okay, try searching for the name Necessary. But I did learn a thing or two. The name likely comes from the English surname, Essary. There are a couple theories about how the Nec got added to the beginning in the late 1800s, but nothing definitive.

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And a little history. One of my granddaughters was in our city with her friend’s family. The girls stayed with us while the family did a university tour. My granddaughter gave her friend a tour of miniatures.

The first stop was the Farmhouse that my preteen daughters and I furnished. I had installed copper tape wiring and we either purchased or made light fixtures. At the time our budget was limited so we made many of the furnishings, but that is the fun part. My daughters and I went to the miniature shop about once a month to purchase a special item or supplies.

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