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Something New – the Silhouette Cameo 4

I’ve never acted so impulsively!

During the month of September I was called for jury service. I was assigned to a grand jury, which, for our county, met at least three days a week and paid $25 per day. During this time, the MicroMark catalog featured the new enhanced cutting machine from Silhouette, the Cameo 4. I had been curious about cutting machines and this was supposed to be faster and more powerful than the Cameo 3, as well as the Cricut machines. And it was selling for just $300, precisely what I would earn during my jury service!

I had the cash windfall and the new Cameo 4 would be available soon. I thought, “Why not?” And although I have never done anything so impulsive, I ordered it.

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Fluorescent Light Installation

My four “fluorescent light” fixtures are ready to suspend from the shop ceiling. There is one problem; there is no ceiling in this shop. The shop has four fixed walls and a removable plexiglass cover. I will make the light fixtures look like they hang from the ceiling.

I made a center “ceiling joist” to support “rafters” of 1/4″ polystyrene square tubes. The joist will have notches to support the rafters and keep the spacing. The wires for the lights will run through the hollow rafters.

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Instant Scenes

I don’t know about you, but I typically have a couple things going on my desk at once. To ensure I wait for the glue or paint to dry on one project, I pick up another.

While the paint was drying on my main project, I made an improvement to my set up that I use to photograph objects and scenes. Some time ago I bought this tabletop photo studio so I could have consistent lighting 24/7.

I dedicated some flooring and I wanted to add a variety of scrapbook paper backgrounds. To hold the papers in place, I found a stick of wood about 3/4” square and cut a groove close to the edge on one long side.

The grooved wood worked well to hold the different backgrounds in place. I thought I might even use calendar photos for more variety, but they were typically too saturated in color.

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A chair for the craft table

I used a new material for my miniature craft table, PVC foam sheet. I thought by changing the form with heat, I could use it to make a chair.

I broke the chair elements down into simple shapes which I would cut from 1/8” PVC foam. I used the app, Graphic for the Mac, to draw the shapes and then attached a printout to the foam with a glue stick. (Tacky is shown here, but glue stick worked better) I would later cut the rectangular back bracket of thin styrene.

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My real-life craft table

I am lucky to have a dedicated workspace. I live by the motto: A messy desk is the sign of a creative mind. But aside from my desk on any other day, my area is reasonably orderly. I have a roombox with changeable displays and other finished and works-in-progress on top of a bookshelf.

My space is one end of a large room that has a wall of windows, although I do have some overflow to other places. My bookshelf accommodates a couple sizes of plastic storage boxes where I keep my tools and supplies. Then other “stuff” fills the voids. My Peachstone Cottage sits on a rolling cart to the right.

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