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Fluorescent Light Installation

My four “fluorescent light” fixtures are ready to suspend from the shop ceiling. There is one problem; there is no ceiling in this shop. The shop has four fixed walls and a removable plexiglass cover. I will make the light fixtures look like they hang from the ceiling.

I made a center “ceiling joist” to support “rafters” of 1/4″ polystyrene square tubes. The joist will have notches to support the rafters and keep the spacing. The wires for the lights will run through the hollow rafters.

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Fluorescent Shop Lights

Most shops have fluorescent lighting suspended from the ceiling. Have you ever tried to find fluorescent lights that didn’t cost and arm and a leg? Either I was looking in the wrong place, or I was presented with another of those opportunities to draw from my Popular Mechanics DNA.

I thought I had seen somewhere that a cool white LED chip attached to the open end of a polystyrene tube would resemble a fluorescent light. Experimenting, it seemed that a light at each end of a 2” piece of 1/8″ tube would give a pretty good effect. Now I needed to configure a box that would hold the tubes and chip lights firmly in place. I used some styrene and ABS extrusions from Plastruct. I used 1/2″ ABS channel for the bottom and .187″ half round styrene rod for the sides.

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