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A Hall Tree From Stash

I’ll need a hall tree to display some of the wares in the shop. A Google search showed some I liked that have turned posts and three Queen Anne style legs. As luck would have it, I had some turned posts left from the pillar candlesticks in my Romance Retreat. Other supplies I had on hand were turned cocktail sticks, wooden beads and a scrap of 3/32″ thick basswood.

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Summer Travel Plans

I’m amazed that in spite of being a new miniaturist blogger, I have viewers from all over the world. Thank you so much for stopping by. I love it when you leave a comment because then I can pay a visit to your blog. Oh my gosh! You are so talented!

Real life will be getting in the way of minis for a couple weeks this summer. I’m packing my bags and will be on a cruise in the Baltic Sea! I’ve noticed that some of you are near the areas I’ll be visiting. I won’t have much control over my schedule, but if there is a shop or exhibit within easy reach of our ports of call on the map, I’d like to know about it.

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The pink rose chair is finished!

Our club members were talking about comfy wing chairs to go in their bookshelf projects. Since I had made upholstered furniture before, I offered to come up with some ideas. One thing led to another and I designed a chair and a pattern, then of course, I had to test it. And the pink rose chair was born.

Last week, I had finished covering the arms and wings. This week involved the cushions and finishing. I made the back cushion on a piece of card stock with two layers of Thermolam.

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My interpretation

Although many in our Eugene Miniatures Club were excited about our bookshelf project, I have been slow to embrace it. But now I have a plan. Remember the very flexible pied à terre? It is the same form as a large book, just turned 90 degrees. I’ll use the same elements the club uses, and as is my custom, I’ll be able to change them up for other settings.

I’ll make a simple fireplace with bookshelves on both sides for the far wall using this this inspiration picture as a guide. The brick style matches my windows and the book shelves coordinate.

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