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Tea Time

Tea was often served in the CRM drawing room. The furniture arrangement we see in photos these days shows a tea table and two chairs across from a built in sofa. Similar furniture pieces were part of my order from Pop-Up Cards in Scotland.

During our Eugene Miniatures Club meeting by Zoom I punched them out and did a dry fit. The next morning this is what I found on my desk…

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Hello Cricut

I am a maker, so I bought the Maker. I wasn’t going to. I have the Silhouette Cameo 4, which introduced me to the world of die cut machines. I learned vector graphics, importing files and creating files for my own projects. But there was one thing missing – it wanted to, but it just couldn’t, cut wood.

The Cricut Maker went on sale and I became one of the hoards of hobbyists that grabbed one. Then I spent the rest of my time and resources collecting the essential tools and supplies. I also rearranged my mini making corner to accommodate my two Bad Girls. Yes, I even banished my Peachstone Cottage to the guest room. I threatened to banish my husband, who occupies the other end of the room, but thought that might be interpreted as overreach.

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I’ve been a little distracted this year, but I almost have a nice new kitchen. We just received the rest of our tile so I will be able to include photos of the finished job next week.

I’ve also been working on other at-home projects. One of those relates to minis. Some time ago a friend gave me a wall shelf she thought I might like. I did like it except that it had a shabby chic finish, which doesn’t fit my decor. So, my mini project for this week was to give the wall shelf a more formal look.

I’m really pleased with the way the shelf looks. Now I can let my favorite projects out of the box and enjoy them every time I pass by. I made each of these pieces from scratch (except for a couple vases). If I tire of these items, I can swap them out for others.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Rita at Dilly Dally Dollhouse made an irresistible MCM rocking chair on her Cricut Maker. She laminated two layers of bass wood to get the thickness she wanted. A lightbulb went off, this was the perfect project to practice the capabilities of my machine.

Each week I try to do something with my Cameo 4. I got it because I wanted to cut bass wood and maybe chipboard. The Cameo 4 claimed to be faster, have more force and was $100 less than the Maker, but I knew nothing about either machine. When I received it I jumped right in and fell flat on my face. I still have a lot to learn, and maybe Silhouette does too. I’m feeling confident on the thinner materials now and will soon increase the thickness.

Rita’s chair was perfect for my quest for knowledge. I would use the flimsy Silhouette chipboard that I had on hand and just use more layers. She offers her svg files for free so I set up two pieces of the chipboard to cut eight layers, and quickly cut them out.

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Bow Arm Chair – Finished!

But First…

Miniaturists have been asking about the new technology being used for our hobby. Auralea, the editor of the fine publication, “American Miniaturist” asked if I would solicit some tutorials. So for the greater good in the miniatures world, I’m reaching out to those of you who use die cut machines, 3D printers, etc. If we each contribute a tutorial, all readers benefit. The tutorials will result in a tangible item and have the theme, “here’s how you can do it.” Examples are: how you solved a mystery while learning how to use your Cricut, setting up and cutting out a small accessory or furniture item, or the steps you took to place an order for laser cutting.

Please contact me by leaving a comment or use Messenger or my email address in my Google profile.

The chair turned out just as I had hoped.

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