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Timberline Table, Take Two

The piece of Timberline Lodge furniture that immediately appealed to me was a little side table with a round wood plank top and curved metal strap legs.

Excerpt from photo by Timberline Lodge

After a couple tries, I did it!

I thought about ways to make the curved legs and the approach I came upon was to make a template the shape of the legs and bend my flat wire around it. Making the template was to be kind of a “getting to know you” exercise with my Cameo 4 until my laptop that runs the design software for the Cameo 4 decided not to play along. I had to put that approach on hold for a while.

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Timberline Style Table

This week I had planned to build a round side table in metal and wood to echo the Timberline Lodge style. I was making a template to shape the legs on my laptop to be cut out on my Cameo 4 when my laptop acted up. I was forced to make a plan B. Earlier, I had made a sample of the ram’s horn motif and played around with it. The ram’s horns would make cute table legs.

First I made a sketch and noted some dimensions. I cut four strips of my aluminum flat wire, two at 5-3/4” and two at 1-3/4”. The wire comes in a roll so I had to press it flat. I would use 1/32″ rivets to fasten the cross pieces to the legs. I measured where the rivets would go and marked the places with a tiny piece of tape on the longer pieces.

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Flat Wire and Rivets

One of my Oregon Icons, Timberline Lodge, was built by artisans skilled in carpentry, masonry, textiles and iron work. My project is not to recreate the lodge, rather it is to honor the materials and designs they used.

The bold architecture includes exposed iron strapping. Actually, they used repurposed railroad tracks! In addition to making hardware for the construction, the blacksmiths added aesthetic details, like working the ends of the iron into a spiral that resembled rams horns. This motif is also found in hardware pieces throughout the lodge.

Photo by Timberline Lodge
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Everyone needs a craft table

How hard would it be to make a craft table? I would need some metal rod and the table top could be expanded PVC sheet, which can be found online or at a plastic store. First I made a sketch of what I wanted to do. The fellow at the hobby shop recommended brass rod, which I could bend and solder.

I got a great little vise for my birthday, which was perfect for holding the brass rod firmly while I bent it and cut it to length with my Dremel tool.

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