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Easter at the Peachstone Cottage

My plan was to go to Arizona and see my daughter receive her PhD, but I must stay at home. Another option was to spend Easter with my other daughter in Portland, but I must stay at home. Sometimes my stepchildren come visit, but they must stay at home.

It is important to beat this pandemic so I’ll be where the sun always shines and life is always good. I’ll be at the Peachstone Cottage. Through the years the dolls that live at the Cottage have shared their holiday activities with our family. I thought you’d like to take a peek.

When the Chicken Coop project was finished, they gathered fresh eggs.

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Projects Ready for Viewing

Before minis, I researched my family history. I was driven to do it to understand why I’m Necessary. Yes, that is the surname I was born with. Except for the 15 years I used my first husband’s surname, when I gave my name, I got lame jokes or questions about where it came from. So I tried to find the origin. What does this have to do with So Many Minis? Trust me, I’ll get there.

When it first became available for personal use, people said you could find anything on the internet. Okay, try searching for the name Necessary. But I did learn a thing or two. The name likely comes from the English surname, Essary. There are a couple theories about how the Nec got added to the beginning in the late 1800s, but nothing definitive.

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My siblings and I are the 3rd generation in our family to be born in Los Angeles. Most of us added a 4th generation, and then diaspora. One brother and his grown children are still in the metropolitan area, the others not so much.

After my daughters fled far and wide (was it me?) I too left. But the internet keeps us close. I have mentioned before that I wanted to share my miniatures hobby with my family. I did this old school, email. When I created something I wanted to share, I prepared an email with in-process photos and added my dolls for fun. These emails were always signed, “The Fruity Girls and Me.”

The sharing did not go just one way. It was a collaboration. Sometimes I would ask for suggestions as when I was looking for a name for the cottage. My daughter offered “Peachstone” to reflect the color and the stonework.

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