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Tea Time

Tea was often served in the CRM drawing room. The furniture arrangement we see in photos these days shows a tea table and two chairs across from a built in sofa. Similar furniture pieces were part of my order from Pop-Up Cards in Scotland.

During our Eugene Miniatures Club meeting by Zoom I punched them out and did a dry fit. The next morning this is what I found on my desk…

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Cut and Dry

I’m not off to the salon, or searching for a simple solution, I’m just eager to make progress on the Charles Rennie Macintosh project. I grabbed my mask and headed to the local home improvement store to pick up a sheet of 1/4” MDF. They also had 1/16” basswood sheets so I added that to the cart. I dedicated this week to cutting and dry fitting the structure.

First I cut a piece for the base. You just can’t have too many measuring devices. Good thing I had them, too. It turns out my MDF wasn’t exactly square. I measured more than twice for this first cut, set up a “fence” and ripped it. The blade on the skill saw was a little coarse for mini work so I swapped it for a more suitable blade for the other pieces.

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Timing is Everything

When I set out to learn new software so I could precision cut the structure for my next project, I didn’t expect a world pandemic to derail me. I did my research for the Charles Rennie Mackintosh room box. I learned Inkscape and made mockups of some interior features and I found a likely cutting machine, a CNC router, to cut the structure. Using the software for the router, I got the walls and floor laid out in two ways.

In a normal world, I could walk right into the Eugene Makerspace and talk to someone about the final formatting for cutting. But this is a new normal, the “open hack” sessions are Covid closed, only members are allowed. I went to the space anyway to get the lay of the land. As luck would have it, a couple was unlocking the door just as I pulled into the driveway. We talked at a distance and through our masks, then they led me in to look around and agreed on who I should talk to. Not bad for a half hour.

The Eugene Makerspace, is a place full of tools and typically people who have an idea they want to execute. Here are two prototypes for the annual Punkin‘ Chunkin‘.
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Hello Cricut

I am a maker, so I bought the Maker. I wasn’t going to. I have the Silhouette Cameo 4, which introduced me to the world of die cut machines. I learned vector graphics, importing files and creating files for my own projects. But there was one thing missing – it wanted to, but it just couldn’t, cut wood.

The Cricut Maker went on sale and I became one of the hoards of hobbyists that grabbed one. Then I spent the rest of my time and resources collecting the essential tools and supplies. I also rearranged my mini making corner to accommodate my two Bad Girls. Yes, I even banished my Peachstone Cottage to the guest room. I threatened to banish my husband, who occupies the other end of the room, but thought that might be interpreted as overreach.

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Special Chair from Scotland

While I was doing research on the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Room, I kept an eye out for appropriate furniture. A search led me to a site that offers laser-cut wooden “pop-up” cards that include some CRM selections. These are novelty gift cards in many themes including places in Great Britain and furniture by CRM. There was a set of dollhouse scale replica chairs and tables.

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