What have I done?

After refurbishing the family dollhouse, I set out to create a house nearly from scratch. It became known as the Peachstone Cottage. It served as a platform for exploring miniature methods and techniques ranging from construction, surface treatments, electrical to furnishings and accessories. There would be no hurry to finish. Also I explore projects beyond the Peachstone Cottage.

I like to figure out how to make something even more than having the finished project. I wanted to explore making chairs in increasing complexity. These dottie chairs are the result. My inspiration was 1-Inch Minis. The structure is foam core. Then the padding is Thermolam batting covered with fine cotton fabric. Bits of wood were selected for the legs.

I made the cottage kitchen pieces of bass wood and various metal findings. (The work table and other accessories were purchased.)

I also made this table and chairs of basswood. (The mugs and cake were purchased.)

No kitchen is complete without food. I tried my hand at polymer clay to make pastries. Then I wanted to learn wood turning. I turned eight little Frappuccino bottles of 1/4” bass wood. I found the carriers online.

The Eugene Miniatures Club brought in a guest instructor to teach us how to make needle felted animals. We called this puppy Tuttie.

My plan is to make a series of beds similar to the dottie chair collection. This first bed is made of bass wood and has a foam core mattress with batting and cotton cover.

I built the Peachstone cottage from a “Real Good Toys” kit. Of course I had to make some alterations. I added the dormer and the entry way, and changed the windows.