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Power to the Scandi house

My vision for the Scandi House is to use power from an AC adapter or a 9V battery, as well as have pre-installed wiring using the Evans wire connectors. This should work nicely with my concept of dynamic minis where I can turn the lights on whether I have nearby power or not. I can also change the furnishings and lighting placement as desired.

I showed you how to install a hybrid power system here and in this post, I’ll show you how I used the connectors. Basically, the socket part of the connectors will be the electrical outlets which would be located in seven positions around the periphery. You can see the tiny connectors poking up through the right side of base. I’ll attach the plug part of the connector to each lighting fixture. In this case the tiny house has a light inside which is plugged into a socket.

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Real Life and Minis

I made quite a list to use as a guide for my activities in 2023. One of those activities would be home decor, which has been slow but steady. This week we made progress on the great room. The room has “agreeable gray” walls with white trim and a medium tone of simulated wood flooring. We have some nice pieces, but we need to tie them together.

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Christmas 2022

Don’t you just love the holiday season with all the lights, music and activities? I’ve been going through my holiday box and enjoying all the wonderful pieces that were gifts, purchases and items I’ve made.

Our Eugene Mini Club has a potluck at the December meeting which is the first Monday of the month. That means that our mini club kicks off the holiday season for us. We each bring a dish to share and a small gift (it is a miniatures club 🤭) for a gift exchange.

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Parallel Projects

I’ve been submitting projects to American Miniaturist for a couple years now. As we approach the end of the year I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite projects from 2022. I couldn’t share them with you until after they were published. So while I posted my current projects on my blog, there has been another set of projects going along in parallel.

I started the year with a Valentine topiary using satin ribbon for the greenery. I removed the lengthwise threads to within 1/8” of the selvage and was left with a fine fringe. I’m thinking of using this technique for making some pine boughs for holiday decorations. 

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