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As Promised

A few weeks ago I posted that I was working on some projects that I would tell you about later. Well, I can tell you about one of the projects now.

My main project for the past year has been the Hill House room box. To help capture the details I’ve been following the real life Hill House IG account. Once the lockdowns were lifted in Scotland, I noticed that they had put out a sandwich board sign announcing seating in their rooftop cafe. I thought something like that would be fun for my model and made a mini one. I was pleased with the way my sign turned out and thought it would be a fun tutorial for American Miniaturist.

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Project Documentation

In an earlier post, I discussed how I document my family vacations and miniatures projects. Since I’ve been spending some time this month on some project booklets, I decided to revisit that topic with you.

For years I have been using photo apps to document family vacations. I would make a photo book and send a copy to each family household that was involved. I used the Apple app and saved a digital copy for my iPad as well as ordered print copies. Here are some of my creations; reunions, grandkids, sibling events.

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Summertime Fun

The month of May ended and it was as if Covid ended. Every week on our June calendar had something scheduled. Of course what I was most looking forward to was a visit from my daughter and grandkids from central Arizona. Unfortunately, their dad couldn’t join them due to job requirements. They were excited to see us, but also to get some respite from the heat. The former happened, but the latter, not so much.

We spent the first couple days guessing which people were athletes here for the Olympic Track and Field Trials and eating ice cream. My granddaughter is a soccer player and promised her coach she would work out everyday. She met up with some competition in the park.

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Life Imitates Art

Remember last week I mentioned that I am making the mid-century modern credenza by Dilly Dally Dollhouse? Well, it’s all finished and I love the way it turned out.

I decided to share it with my family. Some of you know that we are spread among four western states plus Florida. When I complete a project I think they would enjoy, I share it through text or email. At first I “let” my dollhouse dolls help with the projects to make it entertaining for my grandchildren. Now, my grandchildren are much older and the Fruity Girls don’t always help, but this week they were featured in a text message to the group. I thought what ensued was pretty fun so I decided to share the exchange with you.

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But is it Blog-worthy?

We’ve all worked on mini projects that don’t seem like they would make an interesting blog post, or for various reasons we are not going to post them. This happens to me when I say,


I said yes to American Miniaturist and have devoted the past couple of weeks to some cute projects for the magazine. We are going to keep you in suspense until the projects are published, then I’ll be sure to tell you about them. One of them is simple and one is fairly complex and they use a variety of materials.

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