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I ❤️ Fabric

Fabric is such a tease. The wonderful colors, designs and textures call to me. You’d think I’d be a quilter and have a huge stash, but I much prefer the variety of crafts employed for making miniatures, although I work in fabrics whenever I can. My daughter buys the fabrics for the Montavilla Sewing Center south of Portland, OR. When I visit her and her family, I like to go and touch the fabrics. I haven’t been able to visit for a year because – you know. The store posts photos of their new additions on Instagram and I was especially intrigued with this posting last October …

Fabrics are the Entwine collection by Guicy_Guice for Andover Fabrics.
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Quiet, the Fairies are Sleeping

Well, they would be if I had fairies. Our miniatures club continues to meet about five times a month over Zoom. Once a month we do a guided project and once a week we work on our own project and communicate using our own miniature jargon. We never struggle to find a project. There is a lot of talent among the members and we take turns coming up with and conducting the tutorials. This month Karin of Blue Moon Doll Studio suggested her fairy beds.

Karin sent out instructions ahead of the meeting so we could choose a dry day for collecting natural debris. I described the project near the bottom on the Welcome page of our club site.

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Easter Bunny Greetings

I enjoy celebrating holidays in miniature. Last year my little dolls showed you how they prepare. This year I decided to make chocolate Easter bunnies. During our club meeting by Zoom I attempted to sculpt a sitting bunny using Fimo. It wasn’t going well in part because I’m no sculptor and in part because the Fimo was too firm to get the detail I was hoping for. Karin offered to help by dropping off an Easter bunny mold. She included a chunk of Sculpey III, which was the real breakthrough. After making some tiny molded bunnies, I got brave and tried to sculpt a sitting bunny. Here are the results of my Sculpey attempt.

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Two Years Blogging

I’ve blogged another year! Thanks for sticking with me and providing a sense of community while we self isolated during Covid-19. It thrills me to see my total visitors are increasing and this year numbered about 3,500; over three times the total last year.

We have been very careful during this Covid year.

Thankfully my immediate family has remained healthy; I sure hope to be able to visit with them soon. In spite of the constraints, it’s been a busy year. The Eugene Miniatures Club continues to grow even though we meet virtually through Zoom for our projects. It turns out making minis is a perfect lockdown hobby.

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