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Life Imitates Art, Again

Often, we miniaturists create houses and scenes that are not obtainable in real life; we create designs from a different era, country or price range. However, when I bought the Jessica Cloe Mini Modern Farmhouse, it wasn’t to create what I wished I could have. It was that I liked the small footprint and the style was cute and seemed versatile. Then when I started turning it into the Scandi House I appreciated the way the farmhouse was the perfect departure point. 

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Moving Up

When I started my Scandi House I knew I wanted to use the Jessica Cloe Mini Modern Farmhouse, but that is all I knew. Soon the house told me that it wanted to be a Scandi House and it wanted to be falu red with white trim. I had quite a few notions about construction and style, but nothing definitive. For this reason I opted to keep the house in dry fit. Here it is, the last time you will see it collapsed.

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How to go Hybrid

Why should I install a hybrid electrical system in my Scandi House? Well, because sometimes I will want to put the house on display where plugging it in is inconvenient. Using battery power means I won’t have to find an outlet or drape cords across a room. But, if I want to have the house lighted for an extended period of time without being concerned about running the battery down, I can plug it in.

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It’s the Little Things

Of course it’s the little things, this is a blog about miniatures. But this past couple weeks I’ve been focusing on the small tasks to put closure on the bigger project. However, our hobby is so multi-disciplinary that I keep getting distracted and unrelated tasks keep sneaking in. I love the little lightbulbs I designed and 3D printed that slip right over the LEDs on fairy lights.

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