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Projects Ready for Viewing

Before minis, I researched my family history. I was driven to do it to understand why I’m Necessary. Yes, that is the surname I was born with. Except for the 15 years I used my first husband’s surname, when I gave my name, I got lame jokes or questions about where it came from. So I tried to find the origin. What does this have to do with So Many Minis? Trust me, I’ll get there.

When it first became available for personal use, people said you could find anything on the internet. Okay, try searching for the name Necessary. But I did learn a thing or two. The name likely comes from the English surname, Essary. There are a couple theories about how the Nec got added to the beginning in the late 1800s, but nothing definitive.

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It's Been One Year!

I’ve been blogging for one year now and what an amazing year it has been.

In about 2013 I embraced miniatures and decided it was okay to have a hobby, even when the chores are not done. Through the internet, I found there were others like me all over the world, and I became a mini blog junkie.

Cottage kitchen set I designed and made of bass wood (2015)
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Bow Arm Chair – Finished!

But First…

Miniaturists have been asking about the new technology being used for our hobby. Auralea, the editor of the fine publication, “American Miniaturist” asked if I would solicit some tutorials. So for the greater good in the miniatures world, I’m reaching out to those of you who use die cut machines, 3D printers, etc. If we each contribute a tutorial, all readers benefit. The tutorials will result in a tangible item and have the theme, “here’s how you can do it.” Examples are: how you solved a mystery while learning how to use your Cricut, setting up and cutting out a small accessory or furniture item, or the steps you took to place an order for laser cutting.

Please contact me by leaving a comment or use Messenger or my email address in my Google profile.

The chair turned out just as I had hoped.

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Chair, Part 2 – It’s Complicated

In the previous post I boldly proclaimed that I would be making bent wood arms for an easy chair. In this post I’ll explain how I did it.

I cut two wood strips for the arms a little longer than indicated by the template and put them in a microwave dish with 1/2″ of water. I covered it and heated it for 1 minute several times over a 2-hour period. The wood will be a little bit pliable.

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