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Miniature Mosaic

This is not about artwork with a kajillion little pieces; rather, it is about a kajillion little projects involved in the art of miniature making. My desk is a mosaic of in-process projects.

  • Experimenting with Truboo yarn
  • Creating my IKEA experience
  • Researching design inspirations for the Jessica Cloe house
  • Building a Lego Hill House
  • Etc., etc.

Let’s start with the yarn. Little Vintage Lane Miniatures posted a charming fall scene on Instagram that included an afghan that draped beautifully. She said the yarn was Truboo, made from bamboo. Not one to let well enough alone and because it looked like the yarn plies would separate like embroidery floss, I attempted to separate them to make it more miniature. I did eventually find a fairly quick way to do it, but having no idea how much length I would need, there will be some joins. It’s been decades since I have knitted, so I chose a simple pattern.

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The Flatpack

Work on my miniature craft room continues. The response to my question about how functional and tasteful your craft rooms are seems to indicate that miniaturists are not the ones with the photo-worthy rooms. I guess the room I’m furnishing will remain a fantasy.

Creativity doesn’t happen in a tidy place.

I continue to spend my spare moments using my table saw to cut the furniture parts to put in my flatpack boxes. I’ve now cut nearly all the pieces for seven articles of “IKEA” furniture.

During this extravaganza, UPS delivered a slightly larger flatpack box. I had been looking for a cute house with a small footprint where I could set up the craft room, plus I’d use it for my dynamic approach to miniatures. It would be something that would stand up to change similar to the way I use the pied à terre.

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Can’t Have it Big? Make it Mini

I’m envious of the many functional and tasteful real-life craft rooms I see on social media. Because I’m a miniaturist, I can have a craft room like those, but mine will have to be in 1:12 scale. Many use IKEA furniture, which I think would be fun to build in real life, but I’ll make a mini craft room with mini IKEA furniture. The bonus is that my little dolls will be able to use the Cricut machine from Marie on a desk instead of the kitchen table.

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My Upholstered Chair Evolution

I’ve upholstered a chair or two in real life, so it is not a surprise that I would upholster a chair or two in my mini life. Now it is my pleasure to share with you my upholstery tutorial published in American Miniaturist. The tutorial for my modern chair is in Issue #219. If you subscribe, you will find it on page 38. If you’d like to subscribe or purchase this issue, click here.

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